First Project in Android Studio

Nikhiljain08 July 1, 2017
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This tutorial will help you to create you first Android project using Android Studio and it will explaining you files in the project step by step. So let’s start!

– For Windows, open the following studio.exe file present in the given path below:
C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin

– For Ubuntu, locate bin folder in your android studio folder and open the terminal window and type the following command:
~/home/USERS/android-studio/bin> ./


After executing the following command or executing the .exe file, a window will appear like below which showing you Android studio is getting started:

Please wait until it loads completely.


Once it is loaded completely, you will get create new project screen as shown below:

Click on the “Start a new Android Studio Project”.


After clicking, a new screen will popup for the Project name along with Company domain to be entered.

Enter your project like MyFirstApp and the company domain (if available). This will create package name for your android application which will help to identify your application uniquely.
Once you entered the details, click on Next.


Next screen will ask you to provide minimum SDK required for your App and it is compatible with Car, watch etc. Just click on Phone and Tablet checkbox and click on Next.


The next screen will take you to select your Activity type. We will discuss all the activities in our further post.

Following Activities are now available in Android Studio by default:

  1. Basic Activity
  2. Bottom Navigation Activity
  3. Empty Activity
  4. Fullscreen Activity
  5. Google AdMob Ads Activity
  6. Google Maps Activity
  7. Login Activity
  8. Master/Detail flow
  9. Navigation Drawer Activity
  10. Scrolling Activity
  11. Settings Activity
  12. Tabbed Activity

Choose Basic Activity and click on Next.


Next Screen will ask you for Activity name and Layout name. Click on Next.

After clicking, it will start loading the project and it will download matching version of Gradle for your project automatically. Make sure you have working internet connection while performing this activity. It will download nearly ~100MB of files. So, please be patience!


Once your Gradle is downloaded, your project will be synced with Gradle and it will appear like this. Just check the project structure on the left part of the screen.


Double-click on the and activity_main.xml files.



Design view of the activity_main.xml

I will explain both files in our coming post.


Now, let’s move to another file AndroidManifest.xml. This file defines the permission, app name, theme, application icon and package name. And most important, the starting activity of the application.


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